Saturday, 9 March 2013

More free stuff, thanks to the Internet!

Confucius once said, all good things come with a price. Au contraire. Some of the very best  resources, that do not come attached with a price tag, have been included here. Read further and judge for yourself!


It must be really tiring to search for songs that you want to buy/download. Many times, you end up with broken links, non-existent files etc. Here comes youtube to the rescue. It's very easy to find the songs that you want on youtube. But how do you get the mp3?

Here is the simplest way to get mp3's out of youtube videos. All you need to do is give the youtube video's URL and the site gives you the mp3 to download. Get any song on earth, for free.


Project Gutenberg offers over 40,000 books for free. 

LibriVox for those who prefer audio books. 

Movies (classics, indies and the like)

Phone Calls and Messages

Operating Systems

Chuck Windows, you might want to try any of these:

1. Linux Based
and many more...I've only mentioned a few popular ones. There are a LOT of options of Linux based operating systems. 

2. Google's Chromium OS

3. Haiku

Memory Storage/Back up

Make use of free online memory storage from:
All these offer sync services across your phone, laptop, desktop computer etc.


                                Udacity (includes courses like computer science, physics, mathematics)
                                Open Culture (a very comprehensive list with links to several courses)
                                Khan Academy (science, maths, computers, humanities and many more)

From universities:
                                UC Berkeley

                                 Code Academy
                                 Google Code University
                                 Open Culture

Musical Instruments:

Audio Editors

Audacity - A brilliant software for amateurs. Create your own remixes, karaokes and much more.
Online MP3 Cutter - A simple online tool to make your own ringtones.

Video Editors

Well, what are you waiting for? Make good use of the internet!                         

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