Tuesday, 26 March 2013

3 Killer Note-taking Apps

"Smart" note-taking is becoming a trend. Whether you are brainstorming or taking down a recipe, gone past are the days when you used to hunt for a paper and pencil. It's just a matter of touch and type now. Here are the top simple and elegant apps for note-taking. Look them up in any app store to download for free, or just visit the links below to enjoy them on your desktop.

Google Keep

Is just amazing. Usually, your sticky notes are not there when you need them! But with this latest note-taking app, you are sure to never forget what you need to do.

  • Google Drive integration
  • Voice transcription 
  • Only available as an Android (4.2+) and web app
  • Minimal features in desktop application 

2. Springpad


Super neat design. Clearly a treat for those obsessed with categorizing and organizing their notes. 

  • Design
  • Web clipping
  • Built in categories ( that pretty much cover most categories) and the ability to create new ones
Con:  Needs to improve the suggestions that come up when you want to add a note in any category

3. Evernote


The most popular one of the three. 

  • Great cross-platform support
  • Evernote Web Clipper
  • Comes with Sktich - draw onto images
  • Location services
Cons: Audio notes are not compatible across devices. ( files get saved in .amr type. what happened to the good old mp3? )

Take your pick!

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