Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Welcome Fellow Travellers!

Hey, all. Welcome to my blog! I am writing to help all those 'travellers' out there, who just wish to keep the going get better and better. I too, am one amongst you. Let us all strive together in the process of becoming a better version of ourselves. And by this, I mean realizing our potential to BE all that we want to be. And still have the unlimited energy and enthusiasm to continue pushing our limits and outgrow ourselves.

As we grow, we experience more hardships. Be it at work or school or in relationships. But we are mature enough to know that life is going to be full of 'ups and downs'. But what we DON'T know is that we can turn the 'downs' to our advantage. The normal routine is this:  a giant ugly "problem" leers at us. we are paralysed with FEAR. The monkey mind of ours just doesn't want to deal with it. It rather tricks us into doing what is easy -  fall into the Well of Resistance. Go further and further down and hit rock bottom. And you find yourself crying for help.

If you have reached here, you have already taken the first big step. As the adage goes, "A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step", if you have been stuck in one place ( not literally!) for a long time, it's the time to wipe the slate clean. The new beginning awaits your next baby step. It's high time you stopped ignoring the urges of your mind. How you perceive life is how your thought process interprets the various situations. By controlling some thoughts while nurturing a few others, you can bend your life to your will.  After all, EACH day counts. This very minute. This very second. This instant. Don't waste your precious time on endless mental chatter!

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