Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Good riddance to Zombies!

Here is a possible sequence of events:

Agreed? Some of us are a little too familiar with this routine that makes us groggy, pudgy faced beauties ;-) It got me thinking at some point that all this zombie business has to be stopped; or there would be a total invasion. But hey, how do you kill a zombie? Here are some gadgets that you need to be equipped with first:

A freaky alarm clock

You have pretty good choices here-

a) Wake up to money. This is an evil time bomb that shreds your money to pieces if you don't wake up!

b) Wake up to math. Solve puzzles to wake up thoroughly!

Click image to go to app
Alright, now you're awake. How to jump out of bed?


Leap out, for the sake of the workout clothes hanging in plain sight by your bed.
Or, for the sake of the open window.
Or for the sake of your favorite song.
Or for the sake of the inviting aroma of coffee.

Well.. you get the idea! Anything that makes you WANT to get out of bed!

So, basically...

These are pretty much that you need to go about prancing like a unicorn for the rest of the day.
One - An Event.
Two - A Cue.

Now, unleash your weapons to become...

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